Most standard rules of Risk apply, with some exceptions which encourage some faster and more aggressive game play.

Starting the Game

The cards will be shuffled and dealt at random. The odd cards will be rolled for, one at a time, face down. The same player can win both. Then the players will roll to see who places first. The player that places first also starts the game, which means the player to their right will end the game. In a timed game, the players who are still in will have the same number of turns. One army will be placed on each territory. Then start with player one and continue, one at a time, until all armies are placed.

Territories may not exceed 12 armies.

Turn Order

Your turn will go as follows:

  1. Reinforcement & Trade – in (All armies are to be placed at once)
  2. Attacking
  3. Fortification
  4. Take card (if earned)
  5. Pass dice

Passing the dice will end your turn, and if you forgot to attack, fortify, or take your card, it’s too late.

General Rules

Army Sizes

There is a maximum of 12 armies on any one territory. If you are caught with more than 12 armies in one territory, the extras will be lost.


Fortification can only be to a connected territory, giving it no more than 12 armies. You are only allowed 1 fortification move per turn.

Army Reinforcements

Standard Reinforcements: Number of occupied territories / 3 (with a minimum of 3), plus any continent bonuses

Conquer Card Trade-ins:

Any 3 cards can be a trade in. Add the number of stars on the three cards and double it. You also receive 2 free armies on the territory on the card you trade in if you occupy any of them and it does not exceed 12 armies.

General Rules

Once you roll dice, your turn has begun. If you forgot to deploy armies at the beginning of your turn, it’s too late.

Players must always display their cards face down and visible to all players at all times.

Defenders must always roll the maximum number of dice allowed.

Dice will be rolled at the same time.

Secret Weapon Play

Automatic 2 army victory allowed once per game. Must be declared without rolling. Good on offense only, and for one attack only. Can’t use twice with one army. Must have 2 armies to attack with to declare 2 army win.

Rolling Too Many Dice

If a player rolls too many dice the offending player will automatically lose the highest die. A die disrupting the board will be warned, a second offense will be penalized by losing a card.

It is up to the opposing player for that attack to ask for a re-roll of any obstructed die (leaning on edge of board or missed the box, for example), or to count it. It is to the non-offending party’s benefit.

 Conquer Cards

Players cannot start their turn with 5 cards in their possession. If a player eliminates another player from the game and obtains a total of 5 or more cards, they will have to trade in sets immediately (to get below 5), ending their turn, then draw their own card. In this instance, there will be no fortification move. Again, this ends your turn.

Day Long Tournament Style

We will be playing a 3 round shootout format to determine a champion.

The first two rounds will be timed, with scores being added up after the last turn, unless play is complete.


At the end of a timed game, add up points using the following:

1 points per army on the board

2 points per territory occupied

3 points per unused card

5 points per KO

Reinforcement value for occupied continent