Before 2009, we were a small group that played single day tournaments. The format included a timed game for the first table, and the players in the best position at there tables combining for a winners table, that was not timed. There was a lot of talk of having a more regular game and keeping track of standings, but it took a while to launch Risk League. Risk League began in 2009 as a 3 game format with almost all the specific rules we use now. There were some changes after season 2 that included earning a point for eliminating an opponent. After season 3, we added a 4th game and dropped the lowest score. After season 4, we added the secret weapon. It was liked, so we kept it.

One of the biggest changes as Risk League grew and evolved was the emphasis on food. Early on, we passed a hat and ordered pizza, or threw frozen pizzas in the oven. Now we have the events catered by a deli and a pizzeria, while serving nachos and pop at every game. The menu is on the event calendar.