2016 – 2017 Season, Game #1 Post Mortem

Loads of action, Ant-Man saving the world on the big screen, copious amounts of pizza from our sponsor crossroads pizza, and of course military masterminds taking over the world.

At table 1 we had a split win between Herb DeLine and Pat Weidel, with Pat eeking out a victory with an additional kill. This brings his points to 11.5.

At table 2 we had Aaron Smith clearing the board bringing his points to 16.

At table 3 Nick Wells kept his winning streaks up sweeping through his enemies like a hot knife through butter. This brings his overall points to 15.

At table 4 Kevin Cole brought on the pain, getting a first place win with 2 kills. This brings his points to 14.

At our final table we had former champion John Stimson destroying all enemies in front of him, with 3 kills and a point total of 16 for the season.

Remember our next game will be December 16! Meatball subs from our very own Andrew Windham!

Current Standings: https://www.wnyriskleague.com/standings/standings-2016-2017-season-2/

Next Event Details: https://www.wnyriskleague.com/event/2016-2017-game-2/

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