Risk League Tip: Conquer Cards

Conquer cards are a crucial part of the game no matter the rule set used when playing Risk.

With newer versions of the game we have been forced to modify the rules slightly in regards to how trade in values are calculated.

The rules for conquer cards are as follows:

You cannot start your turn with 5 cards, you must do a trade in.

With the newer version, the cards have 1 or 2 stars on the bottom. Any 3 cards can be a trade in, just add the stars and double for army value.

When using an older version of the game, trade in values are as follows:

  • One of each kind: 12 Armies
  • Three Artillery: 10 Armies
  • Three Calvary: 8 Armies
  • Three Infantry: 6 Armies

Notice that in the newer version of the game, any time a player has 3 cards, they have the potential for a trade in, and a quick influx of military power. This was a slight change from the older game, where it was an unknown until any player had 5 cards as to if they had a trade-in.

With this in mind, always be sure to keep a running total of your opponents conquer cards. The cards are to be clearly displayed for this reason.

Players must always display their cards face down and visible to all players at all times.

Aside from keeping an eye out for a potential large build up of armies on the board, remember, sometimes it’s worth taking a territory you aren’t interested in simply to gain a conquer card.

If you would otherwise not attack on a turn, look for territories that have 1 or 2 armies that is of little strategic importance and invade. If it is of little strategic importance you are unlikely to invoke the anger of the other player, and if there are few armies on it, you’re unlikely to suffer many losses. However, the return of the conquer card can have a huge payout in a few turns.

Remember to always be looking for ways to gain a card!

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