Game 3 Post-Mortem

Another great turn out in the Risk League. We met on the battle fields once again at Grace Bible Church, our gracious host.

Food was, as always fantastic, this time a Beef on Weck dinner from Carson’s Deli, with the typical nachos and cheese, and 20 varieties of your favorite carbonated beverages.

We had the pleasure of watching two of our top competitors duke it out, trying to clinch that spot at the champion’s table. Nick Wells and Tom Stahl went full cut throat, with Nick eking out first place, but securing 3 kills in the process. Nick and Tom both with 2 first place and 1 second place have all but secured their place at the champion table.

A hard fought battle between Nate Duxbury and David Bitner only pushed David in to a secure position after finally wiping out Nate after a gruesome duel on the field.

Jeff Corcoran walked away with his first first place, sweeping all opponents in a very fast paced game. This may be too little too late, but the championship table could still be within reach with another first place.

Herb DeLine made his seat at the champions table far more likely with another first place finish.

Next month, will be our final meet before the championship. It will feature our taco bar, sundae bar, nachos and cheese, every carbonated delight imaginable. Join us for “The Big One”!

This is the game where the boys are separated from the men, be sure to join us at Grace Bible Church, February 12 at 6:30pm.

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