Game 2 Post-Mortem

With 5 games and 22 players we had our largest night ever. The battles were intense, as were the fight scenes in both Princess Bride and Jet Li’s Fearless.

Warriors were fueled by pizza from Crossroads Pizza, nachos, and every form of carbonated caffeine possible.

Grace Bible Church was kind enough to host again this week, so we had ample room.

Pastor Nate, one of our first time attenders did a clean sweep of a 3 player table, pushing them into contention for the final table. An honor awarded only to those with the highest scoring.

Cameron, another first time attender took first at his table with two clean kills, pushing him ahead as a contender for the final table.

Tom Stahl managed to maintain a solid score with a first place finish and a clean sweep of his 4 player table, all but clinching his position at the final table.

Nick Wells, last weeks clear victor, was knocked down a peg, taking a second place, and managing a single kill, still leaving the final table in good view with just one more solid night.

All standings can be seen here: 2015-2016 Standings

Shots of the action generously provided by Nate Dux, uploaded to our Photo Gallery

Remember, our next game is January 15, 2016 @ 6:30 pm with a beef on weck tray from Carson’s Deli

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